when your day is horrible, take some comfort in the fact that somewhere it is the best day of someone’s life and your turn will come too

Love the Blog. One of my top three that's definite. (:

aw, thank you so much, I appreciate it c:

You have a very nice face as well, let me love that too. lets just love.

show me your face maybe?

I love to love!

― Anonymous

I’m in a very good mood even though I feel pretty sick and I would love some messages about anything at all (by that I mean anything nice and/or thought provoking)

they can be anonymous or not c:

Let me just love you. Your blog, thee best. Simply. The. Best.

awww, thank you! 

come love me!

― Anonymous
that would be amazing but I'm too ugly and I don't want you to see..

that’s nonsense

I already think you’re beautiful based on how sweet you are and a picture of you can’t change that

― Anonymous

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